West Bank Facts and Research

Explore controversial issues such as the one-state solution v. a two-state solution, boycotting Israel, evacuating the settlers, and Hamas in the West Bank. Go on an immersive journey into the Palestinian villages and Israeli settlements of the West Bank.

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Heroes or Villains? You decide

Watch profiles and interviews with a wide range of Palestinians and Israelis. A cross section of the West Bank never seen in one film: right and left, secular and religious, pursuers of a third way. A comprehensive look at settlers, settlements and the Palestinians resisting them.

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Holy Land is now available to universities, colleges and community organizations exclusively through New Day Films. Options include a feature-rich DVD, highly flexible streaming plans or a discounted package with both DVD and digital delivery.

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Pursuing Conflicting Visions of Justice

Extremists, Moderates, Pursuers of a Third Way: The Key Players

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Holy Land is not about who is right or wrong, it’s about why we should give a damn.